Schnitz is a food business based in New York City dedicated to serving your favorite comfort food: Schnitzel! For those who didn't get the memo, schnitzel is a thin cutlet,  dipped in crunchy breadcrumbs and fried to golden, delicious perfection.​

The (ad)venture started with three young restaurateurs: Allon Yosha along with brother & sister duo, Yoni & Donna Erlich. For years, the three had aspired to own a restaurant so they decided to team up and live the dream. ​


The Schnitz team launched at the Smorgasburg in 2011 and the story has been simmering ever since.  All along the way, they've had a sense of a community, contributing to a blog for other restaurateurs that describes their experiences from A to Z. 


The story continues and the family is growing.  Most importantly, delicious, crunchy schnitzels continue to be layered to perfection!